Will An Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Pass Emissions In California?

What catalytic converters are worth the most?

Just so, which catalytic converters are worth the most.

Amazingly, the top three most expensive precious metals found within a catalytic converter include rhodium, palladium, and platinum!.

Will an aftermarket catalytic converter pass emissions?

If the catalytic converter that you’ve purchased does not meet these regulations, then it’s worthless. Purchasing an aftermarket converter also runs the risk of a converter performing sub-optimally and falling short of an emissions test, even though it should pass.

To be legal in California, a replacement part such as a new catalytic converter must come with a CARB (Calif. Air Resources Board) “sticker” or must be a direct OEM replacement part. There are no “high flow cats” that have a CARB sticker issued for them.

What is the difference between an OEM and aftermarket catalytic converter?

The cost of OEM and aftermarket parts vary depending on quality and where you purchase them, but as a general rule of thumb, an aftermarket catalytic converter typically costs a fraction of an OEM model. On the other hand, the saying “you get what you pay for” is usually accurate.

Do I really need to replace my catalytic converter?

While catalytic converters require no maintenance during the expected life of a vehicle, they can be damaged by leaded fuel and some additives, which gather on the ceramic coating and render them useless. A broken or failed “cat” will not harm the vehicle, but they are required by law.

Is removing catalytic converter illegal in California?

First, what you need to know is that tampering with the catalytic converter in any way is illegal. You cannot remove or disable this component, and doing so could cost you several thousand dollars in fines. This is especially true in states like California, which has pretty strict laws regarding vehicle emissions.

Can I use a non California catalytic converter?

You may use a non-CA converter if they are physically the same. Sometimes, California emissions cars have physically different exhaust setups, and sometimes they are the same. If the non-California cat is physically the same size and fits right in, then you can use it with no problem.

Can you pass smog with high flow cat?

No. It does not have a CARB (California Air Resources Board) number, so it should immediately fail visual inspection. Visual inspection will check for either the OEM equipment in place or a CARB number on an aftermarket unit.

Do magnaflow cats make a difference?

Magnaflow in our opinion is one of the best performance and replacement catalytic converters because they not only perform as well as catalytic converter from your dealer for a fraction of the cost, but they have a generous warranty.

Can I install a used catalytic converter in California?

CARB adopted revised regulations and evaluation procedures in October 2007 for the approval of new aftermarket catalytic converters sold in California. … This means that no used converter can be legally advertised for sale, sold, or installed in California after this date.

Does catalytic converter affect smog check?

You have to heat up your catalytic converter to burn off any extra oil and gas. When your catalytic converter burns off the most harmful emissions from your car, your tailpipe’s readings show lower emissions. … When you take short trips, your catalytic converter won’t get hot enough, and you’ll let more smog out.

What is the best aftermarket catalytic converter?

The 4 Best Catalytic Converters – Aftermarket Brands Review 2020Magnaflow 99205HM Universal Catalytic Converter.Walker 16370 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter.Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series 3″ Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter.Walker 16468 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter.Conclusion.

What is the best brand of catalytic converter?

The Best Catalytic ConverterMagnaflow 49 State Direct Fit Catalytic Converter.Eastern Catalytic 49 State Direct Fit Catalytic Converter. … Eastern Catalytic 49 State Universal Catalytic Converter. … Flowmaster Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter. … Magnaflow 49 State Universal Catalytic Converter. … More items…