What Is The Word For Being Late?

What is a tardy in school?

When you’re tardy, you’re late.

If you’ve ever been late for school, you know about tardy, and you may have a stash of notes your teacher has sent home to your parents, informing them of your tardiness.

Whatever the excuse, being tardy almost always annoys whoever’s waiting for you.


What is the difference between lateness and tardiness?

Part 1 Lateness and tardiness: Lateness is completion time minus deadline; positive lateness is tardiness; negative lateness is earliness. Part 2: Laxity is also known as slack time. It is the amount of time left after a task completes if the task was started now.

How does being late affect others?

Not only does tardiness make others late, it lowers their morale. If one member of the team doesn’t follow the rules, others in that group will began to feel resentment and that the situation is unfair. This is particularly true result for those suffering from chronic lateness.

What is another word for punctual?

What is another word for punctual?prompttimelyaccuratecarefulconscientiousconscionableconstantcyclicdependableexpeditious32 more rows

Why is being late bad?

Making people wait around for you wastes time, money and other resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. 4. Chronic lateness sets a bad example, whether you’re the boss or not. … A commitment to being on time forces you to consider and plan your schedule.

Why is being on time so important?

Being on time helps you be cool, calm, and collected, and you make a great impression by showing the other person you respect their valuable time. By arriving early, you allow yourself a few extra minutes to think through your argument, and you appear more confident, poised, and in control.

What is punctuality mean?

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. “Punctual” is often used synonymously with “on time”. It is also acceptable that punctual can, when talking about grammar, mean “to be accurate”.

Does tardy mean late?

adjective, tar·di·er, tar·di·est. late; behind time; not on time: How tardy were you today? moving or acting slowly; slow; sluggish. delaying through reluctance.

How is tardiness calculated?

A job’s lateness is calculated by subtracting the due date from the operating time. A negative number means the job is finished early, zero is on time, and a positive number results in a late job. The number of late jobs was also determined through the analysis. The lower the number of late jobs, the better.

What is the word for being on time?

When someone says “Be punctual,” that means you better be there on time. The word punctual originates from the Latin word punctualis, which means “a point.” To be punctual, you have to arrive at the right point in time. … For your appointment.

What are the causes of lateness?

Chronically Late? 8 Reasons for Being Late & How to Beat ThemYou sleep too late. … You try to get one last thing done. … You under-estimate the commute time. … You can’t find your keys/wallet/phone/sunglasses. … Other people in your house are disorganized. … Your co-workers won’t end meetings on time. … You haven’t considered how your behavior affects someone else.More items…•

Is being late a disorder?

Some psychologists believe that chronic lateness could be a symptom of an underlying mood disorder such as depression. A recent study of more than 200 people at San Francisco State University showed that 17 per cent were chronically late.

What is the definition of lateness?

the fact of happening or arriving after the planned, expected, usual, or necessary time: … the fact of being near the end of the day: It was no great surprise that you were tired given the lateness of the hour.

What is a negative word for not on time?

What is another word for not on time?behind timelatedelinquentlatishlong-delayedremissheld updeferredpostponedlong-overdue23 more rows