Quick Answer: What Is Zaktek Protection?

What is Luxcare protection?

LUXCARE XT Protection is an exterior and interior environmentally-friendly appearance protection product.

This product incorporates cutting-edge nanotechnology that penetrates the clear coat to provide long-lasting protection..

What is appearance protection?

Paint Protection protects your vehicle from the effects of acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss. Fabric Protection protects the interior fabric by preventing stains and discoloration allowing for quick and easy clean up.

Is ding and dent protection worth it?

The average dent or ding costs around 150$ to repair, but they are only willing to pay out 75$. As a result, most qualified technicians, don’t have time to fulfill these claims: they simply cannot afford it and it’s not worth their time.

What is interior protection package?

INTERIOR PROTECTION PACKAGES. Retain the value of your vehicle by protecting the interior. Having your interior protected is just as important as protecting the exterior of your vehicle. Guard against everyday life, spills, scuffs and stains, retaining that new car feel, for much longer.

What does Appearance Package mean?

Trim/appearance package: May include special paint colours, upgraded interior trim pieces (often made from aluminium, chrome or timber) and exterior decals. In past decades, appearance packages have also included two-tone paint, pin striping, bumpers painted the same color as the vehicle body, and vinyl roof covers.

How long does Zaktek last?

Six months sounds like a typical paint sealant or lite ceramic type product.

Can you cancel Zaktek?

Lojack, Skylink, Skyway, Theft guarantee cancellations can only be processed if the UNIT has not been installed and the cancel request MUST be received from the dealer. Zaktek is non-cancelable. We reserve the right to verify and document date and mileage.

Do I need Zaktek?

To ensure a long life for your vehicle’s exterior, you need a protective finish that can withstand harsh conditions. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause oxidation and fading, which can ruin your vehicles exterior appearance. Shield your paint with ZAKTEK Premium Protective Coating!

How do I set up my Kahu?

How Kahu WorksPurchase a new car equipped with Kahu GPS technology.Download the Kahu app from the app store.Set and use Kahu alerts, geofences, trip history, and more.Have peace of mind that your car and your loved ones are safe while driving with Kahu.Recover your vehicle, if stolen.