Quick Answer: What Is EIA Number?

How do I find my eIA number?

Once, eIA is created, NIR will send SMS and email to applicant informing its 13 digit eIA number.

Also, welcome kit including client master, eIA brochure, login id and password (if not set online) will be couriered to correspondence address of applicant..

Do you have an eIA number ?*?

Each e Insurance account holder will get a unique eIA Number, unique Login ID and Password to access his account and electronic policy details. Once a year, a hard copy of your Statement of Insurance (SOI) with full details of all policies held under your eIA shall be sent to your postal address.

What is electronic insurance policy?

E-insurance term defines electronic insurance. It means managing all your health insurance, life insurance, motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, and other insurance policies digitally. … The policyholders of an E-insurance account can access their life insurance portfolio at a few clicks.

How do I choose a Insurance Repository?

Here’s how to open an e-insurance account1/9. Here’s how to open an e-insurance account. Text: Easwara Narayanan, Chief Operating Officer, Future Generali India Insurance Company. … 2/9. Choose the repository. … 3/9. Download the form. … 4/9. Submit KYC and other documents. … 5/9. Verify. … 6/9. Submit the form. … 7/9. You’ll get the ID and password. … 8/9. Do’s and dont’s.More items…•

How do I open an e insurance account?

How to Open E-Insurance Account?Step 1: Download E-Insurance Account opening form of your preferred Insurance Repository.Step 2: Fill the form and attach self-attested copy of KYC documents.Step 3: Submit the forms along with self-attested documents to your preferred insurance repository.

What is NSDL insurance repository?

The Insurance Repository in India is a database of insurance policies. It allows policy holders to make revisions to a policy. It launched on 16 September 2013. … National Insurance-policy Repository by NSDL Database Management Limited. CAMS Insurance Repository Services Limited.

What is insurance eIA account?

eIA stands for “e-Insurance Account”. This e-Insurance account gives policyholders access to their life insurance portfolio in a few clicks. Benefits of an eIA: No more physical policy documents. View and manage all your life insurance policies under a single account.

What is repository account?

It is a facility that allows you to hold insurance plans in the demat form. As is the case with shares and bonds, which can be held in a demat account with a depository, you can keep your insurance policies in an e-insurance account with an insurance repository. 2/8.

What is covered under electronic equipment insurance?

Coverage against all accidental damages and natural calamities like fire, lightning, explosion, war, cyclone, earthquake, flood, landslide, rock slide etc. Any damage to your electronic equipments due to any electrical and mechanica breakdown is covered.

What is CAMSRep?

CAMSRep is among the first to launch an Insurance Repository. CAMS Insurance Repository (CAMSRep) is licensed by IRDAI for maintaining data of insurance policies in electronic form. Thus the concept of IR enable policy holders to buy and keep insurance policies in electronic form, rather than as a paper document.

What is insurance repository number?

An Insurance Repository (IR) is a company licensed by IRDA for maintaining data of insurance policies in electronic form on behalf of Insurers. An IR will thus enable policy holders to buy and keep insurance policies in electronic form, rather than as a paper document.

Which is best insurance repository?

You can keep all your insurance policies like health, life, pension or general and from different companies at the same secure online account….Those are,NSDL Database Management Limited.CAMS Repository services Limited.SHCIL Projects Limited.Central insurance repository Limited.Karvy Insurance Repository Limited.

How do I add a policy to my eIA account?

To convert into e-policy, a conversion form must be filled which includes name of the policy holder, policy number, e-insurance account number.Open an account. … Authorised representative. … KYC documents. … Submisssion. … Conversion form. … Points to note.

What is the use of eIA account?

“An E-insurance Account or Electronic Insurance Account or eIA is like a depository to keep your insurance policies in the electronic mode. It enables you to maintain documents of all your or your family’s life insurance, general insurance, health policies in one place.”

How do I access my eIA account?

Kindly carry originals of KYC documents at the time of submitting the form to Approved Person. NSDL Insurance Repository will open the e-Insurance Account and communicate your e-Insurance Account number, login id and process to set your password. You can access your e-Insurance Account with your login id and password.

What is Nir eIA?

Launched by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA), the National Insurance-Policy Repository (NIR) service allows policyholders to store their insurance policies digitally under one e-Insurance Account (eIA) without any charge.