Quick Answer: What Do You Do With The Keys At The Beach?

What do you do with your keys when surfing?

From the most to the least secure methods, these are:Get a surf key box: you can easily attach it to different locations on your car, and only a four-digit combination will unlock it;Go surfing with your car key: put your car keys inside a waterproof case, and keep it under your wetsuit;More items….

Can Chip keys get wet?

The keys and remotes are definitely water resistant.

Where do you put your stuff when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.Leave them inside a towel ashore.Top of a tire.

Where can I hide my car keys from the outside?

4 Places You Can Hide an Extra Key in Case You Lock Yourself Out of Your CarOn the car. Now, this may sound impossible but there is a trick to hiding a key on the car itself. … Purse/Wallet. … With Someone You Trust. … Safe Deposit Box.

Can you wear a wetsuit to the beach?

Of course it’s fine! You’ll see swimmers in wetsuits out at or just after the dawn patrol at good swimming beaches. As for wearing a wetsuit on the beach itself… neoprene gets hot.

How do you keep your car keys safe when surfing?

5 tips for keeping safe your car keys while surfingTake them with you.Give it to a friend.Hide it under a rock or towel.Buy a key lock.Hide it in diapers.

Is it safe to swim in the Keys?

Very safe. Swim in a pool! The biggest danger I have seen in the Keys is currents. On the tide changes, water can really be moving and the boat can get far from you fast.

How can I protect things at the beach?

5 Ingenious Ways to Protect Your Stuff at the BeachPut them on ice. Who said that coolers were only for carrying edibles? … Hide them in a your beach toys. A day at the beach is made much more enjoyable with beach toys. … Bury them under a sand castle. … Create a diversion. … Invest in a ‘Sand Locker’

How do you hide a spare car key?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)Behind the front license plate.Tire Well.Gas Cap.With someone else.Hitch receiver box.Your purse or wallet.

How can I surf without a car?

from CI SurfboardsPublic Transportation. Even though SoCal residents may shout “inconceivable!”, many people commute to surf by bus or train. … Electric bikes. Due to recent advances in battery technology, electric powered bikes and skateboards are becoming quite common and affordable. … Ride a bike or skateboard. … Walking.

What do you do with your car keys when you swim?

Buy a magnetic key holder and put it on your car. The best places for this are usually in the wheel well or up under the lip of a chassis. You should clean that spot when you first put it on. Buy a house near the beach, or rent one – then you won’t need to take your car to the beach at all!

Where do you hide your keys at the beach?

A clever tip for hiding your car keys and other small valuables is to place them inside of an old sunscreen bottle or container (be sure to clean it out first – you could also place your belongings in a sealed bag). Nobody would think twice about looking into a sunscreen container left on a towel.

What happens if you wash a car key?

When the keys are washed, or left out in the rain, water seeps into the key, through the cracks. Unfortunately, because you aren’t supposed to open it, you’re not able to remove the moisture unless you break open the key. If you do this, you’ll need a replacement case, or to tape up the original case.

Are car keys waterproof?

Keyless remotes and car keys with buttons are not waterproof. … However you should still be able to start the car if the transponder is not damaged.

Where do surfers hide their keys?

Hiding Your Key On Your Vehicle This is by far the most common thing that we as surfers do. We tuck it up under the wheel, bumper, or tailgate. And usually we do it in plain view of thieves who are just waiting for us to give them an easy shot at all the things in our cars.

How can I hide my cell phone at the beach?

Here are just a few summer beach hacks to help protect your phone at the beach or poolside.Backup Before You Go. This is a must. … Keep it Cool. … Koozie and Cool. … Invest in a Waterproof Case. … Put it in a Plastic Bag. … Use a Peanut Butter Jar to Keep Dry. … Use a Hairdryer if it Gets Wet. … Take Your Device Out of the Car.More items…•

Where should I keep my car keys at night?

To prevent this from happening, you should make sure that your car keys aren’t kept on the sideboard in your hallway or in your porch. You could even put the keys in a special metal box that blocks the signal so thieves cannot use the relay transmitter. Alternatively, you can lock your car doors manually.