Quick Answer: What Do Red Number Plates Mean In France?

What do red number plates mean in Uganda?

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has issued a warning on individuals who drive vehicles with red registration plates without clearing the required taxes.

“Red registration plates are given to persons that have been abroad for a while and owned a car for more than 12 months..

What is the international car registration code for France?

FCurrent codesCodeCountryNotesFFranceFINFinlandSuomi / Finland (Finnish/Swedish)FJIFijiFLLiechtensteinFürstentum Liechtenstein (German, Principality of Liechtenstein)100 more rows

Why are some French number plates yellow?

Yellow was chosen because it provides the biggest colour contrast, after white, with the black lettering. French vehicles used to have yellow plates at the back as well, until the registration system changed in 2009. Since then both front and rear plates have been white with black lettering.

What is a red number plate in Thailand?

The red plates are intended only to be used by new owners during the vehicle registration process. Once the registration is complete, motorists are required to switch to normal white plates.

What is the latest number plate?

The 19-plate was released on March 1st 2019 and will apply to any new vehicle registered up until 31st August 2019.

How much is a private number plate in Uganda?

Personalised Number Plates At the first time registration, one pays the registration fees as shown above in the table depending on the vehicle and in addition, also pays the fee for the personalised plates which are 20,000,000 for motor vehicles or 1,500,000 million for motorcycles.