Quick Answer: What Are The Vehicles Comes Under LMV?

Which type of vehicle comes under LMV?

Driving License Categories in IndiaLicense ClassVehicle TypeLMVLight motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vansHMVHeavy Motor VehiclesHGMVHeavy Goods Motor VehicleHPMV/HTVHeavy passenger motor vehicle/Heavy transport vehicle7 more rows.

Is tractor comes under LMV?

It said, “A transport vehicle and omnibus, the gross vehicle weight of either of which does not exceed 7,500 kg would be a light motor vehicle and also motor car or tractor or a road roller, ‘unladen weight’ of which does not exceed 7,500 kg and holder of a driving licence to drive class of “light motor vehicle” as …

Can a MCWG drive a car?

No. An India driving license with only MCWG endorsement entitles the holder to drive Motor Cycle With Gear only. To be entitled to drive a Car, you have to appear for a driving test at your respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) and have your license endorsed as LMV(NT).

Can I drive a car with LMV Licence?

Highlights. Personal driving licence holders can now drive a taxis and light transport vehicles without the need for a commercial licence. … The rule extends to three-wheelers, e-Rickshaws and motorbike taxis, as well as they too, come under LMV class.

Can I drive Tata Ace with LMV Licence?

Tata Ace is a goods carrying vehicle which is used as a commercial vehicle for hire or reward either as a public carrier or a private carrier. Hence a driving licence of category LMV-Transport or above (having its validity not more than 03 years) is required to drive Tata Ace.

What is LL MCWG?

Motor Cycle With Gear (MCWG) is a licence category in India. MCWG licence is used to drive all motorcycles of engine capacities covering from 50 cc to unlimited cc such as mopeds, scooters, bikes with gear in any part of India. We have found 1 more result for MCWG.

Which vehicles are included in LTV?

LTV: light transport vehicle driving licence is valid for commercial car/taxi, jeep, mini bus and lightweight transport.

What is difference between LMV and LMV NT?

Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport (LMV-NT) is a licence category in India. LMV licence is used to drive light motor vehicles such as cars, jeeps, small vans for personal purposes, but not for commercial transportation.

What is the meaning of LMV MCWG?

MCWG or MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WG (Motorcycle With Gear) — all motorcycles, engine capacity more than 175cc. LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle—Non Transport) — for personal use only. LMV-INVCRG-NT (Light Motor Vehicle—Invalid Carrige-Non Transport) — for personal use by physically handicapped persons only.

What is LL LMV?

LMV–NT. For Light Motor Vehicle for non-transport purposes.

Does SUV comes under LMV?

Yes you can. Suv is a LMV only. All cars are non transport vehicles comes under light motor vehicles(LMV). … SUV’s are in the category of LMV’s.