Quick Answer: Is Unexpected Scripted?

Is McKayla and caelan still together?

McKayla and Caelan recently broke up again In dramatic sessions on Instagram Live, McKayla and Caelan announced their most recent breakup at the end of Jan.


What’s wrong with Tim from unexpected?

Sunday night’s episode of Unexpected had some very disheartening news as McKayla’s grandpa Tim, who is greatly admired by viewers — including this one, reveals he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he only found out about it because he got run over by his own lawn mower!

Is unexpected coming back 2020?

A couple of Unexpected OGs will not be returning The third season boasted a variety of newcomers and moms who’d appeared previously, so that’s probably going to be the set-up this time around, too. Although we don’t know who the newbies are yet, we do know who definitely won’t be returning.

Who is the father of Makayla’s second baby?

Caelan MorrisonMckayla is 26 weeks along in her pregnancy. The father of this child is the same one as Timmy, which is Caelan Morrison.

Are Laura and Tyler still together unexpected?

Unexpected parents Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer seemed to be defying the odds as the only mom and dad from all three seasons of TLC’s popular teen pregnancy reality series to remain together. Unfortunately, it appears that the couple’s unlikely happily ever has ended.

Why did Lexus leave unexpected?

‘Unexpected’: Shayden Tells Fans That He And Lexus Broke Up After Cheating. Unexpected stars Shayden and Lexus went through problems in Season 2 of the TLC show. But, they stayed together after the birth of their daughter Scarlett. … He said they broke up after Lexus cheated on him.

What is wrong with Tyler’s hair on unexpected?

If you’ve seen Unexpected, you definitely would have noticed the back of Tylor’s head, which has multiple bald patches. In a series of tweets, Tylor explained why he has them. Tylor said, “It was a mole that covered the entire back of my head. It was likely that it could’ve turned into cancer, so it got removed.

Is Chloe on unexpected pregnant again?

This is what Unexpected fans have said so far: “She’s definitely expecting again congratulations ur an awesome mama”.

Do they get paid on unexpected?

It’s not easy to know exactly how much they’re earning, the Unexpected cast’s salaries are not publicly available. A reported run-through of what various TLC stars make gives a good estimate. Their pay could range from $1,000 an episode, much like 90 Day Fiance, to tens of thousands, like the Busbys on OutDaughtered.

Did caelan unexpected get custody?

Both the parents of Gracelynn and Timmy shared their side of the story on social media. Since then, it emerged that McKayla applied for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on Caelan. But the good news is that the courts now awarded weekend custody to him.

Are any of the unexpected couples still together?

Laura and Tylor were all set on becoming the last ones standing, staying together for the longest time out of all the ‘Unexpected’ couples. In 2019, they welcomed their second child – a baby boy named Leo, and in early 2020, they announced a third pregnancy, hot on the heels of their second baby.

Are Lily and James from unexpected still together?

“EXTREMELY excited to announce my SON coming November 2020,” Lilly wrote. Lilly, now 19 years-old, was only 16 when viewers saw her welcome Aaliyah on the TLC show. She and her first baby daddy, James, broke up shortly after Aaliyah was born. Lilly did not continue on with ‘Unexpected’ after the first season aired.