Quick Answer: Do Car Dealerships Lie About Repairs?

Are car dealers allowed to lie?

Most often auto dealers will not lie to you outright.

Instead, they may mislead you to make the sale.

The dealer may tell you need to purchase additional items such as GAP or a Vehicle Service Contract to get financing.

The dealer may withhold information affecting the desirability or value of a vehicle..

Do car dealerships rip you off on service?

Not true. Dealerships make the bulk of their money from servicing and repairs (not new car sales), meaning they need to make money from your ‘fixed’ or ‘free’ service packages.

Do car dealerships charge more for repairs?

Well, there are a few drawbacks of going to a manufacturer’s dealership to have your car serviced. Prices are typically higher – An oil change at your local mechanic may cost only about $25, plus the cost of oil. At a dealership, though, the cost of simple maintenance such as an oil change is often inflated.

What do you do when a car dealership lies to you?

If you suspect you have been lied to about your used car, it is best to:Review your purchase contact: Read the contract carefully. … Contact the dealer: The used car dealer may not have intentionally lied. … Get Legal Advice: Seek the opinion of a legal professional immediately.