Quick Answer: Can I Delete My Digilocker Account?

How do I delete my Aadhaar in a DigiLocker account?

ShareGo to Digilocker website.Log in to your digilocker account.Click on Uploaded documents.In the list of uploaded document, click on delete icon to remove the document from your digilocker database..

How do I reset my DigiLocker account?

DigiLocker | Reset Password. Forgot your Password? If your DigiLocker is linked with Aadhaar, use the “Aadhaar User” option, else use the “Non Aadhaar User” option.

How can I change my DigiLocker mobile number?

Share. If your Digilocker is not linked with Aadhaar card, then the mobile number used during the DigiLocker signup process can be updated. This option is available in the profile section. If the Digilocker is linked with Aadhaar card, then you need to update mobile number in Aadhaar card.

Can I show DigiLocker to police?

The Digilocker mobile application lets you upload digital copies of these documents. … According to a circular issued by the Road Transport and Highways, documents like Driving License, Insurance, Registration Certificate, and PUC can be presented to the traffic police upon being stopped.

Can I use DigiLocker without Aadhar card?

How to use DigiLocker without Aadhar card | How to link Pan Card in DigiLocker. 8. … After the successful Pan Card linking you can see the message ‘Your document is saved in Issued Documents section. ‘ Now you can see your Pan Card in the Issued Documents section in your DigiLocker Account.

What is the benefit of DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is aimed at the concept of paperless governance. It offers the following benefits: Citizens can access their digital documents anytime, anywhere and share it online. This is convenient and time saving.

Is DigiLocker accepted at airport?

Identity documents through DigiLocker are now accepted at airports, railways and on roads.

How do I permanently delete my DigiLocker account?

First of all, visit Digilocker website Visit Now. Now login your account by entering Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, and a username and Submit One Time Password. Click on issue documents and go for 3 dots and click on delete your document.

Can DigiLocker be hacked?

Documents issued in DigiLocker are safe and secure as you either have to enter your username and password to login to your account or use your Aadhaar and OTP. It is really next to impossible to hack into your account. You can access these documents anytime and anywhere without any fear of losing them.

Is DigiLocker safe to use?

A) The government assures that DigiLocker is completely safe, with some of the best security features available on date. DigiLocker allows only the user to access their data and documents. The user gets a secure and private cloud account, which is password-protected.

How do I reset my DigiLocker username and password?

It is possible that the Username or Password entered is incorrect. Please try again. If problem persists, then you can retrieve your correct username by visiting ‘Forgot Username’ link. For resetting the password please visit ‘Forgot Password’ link.

Is voters ID available in DigiLocker?

Organizations that are registered with Digital Locker can push electronic copies of documents and certificates (e.g. driving license, Voter ID, School certificates) directly into citizens lockers. … Citizens can access their digital documents anytime, anywhere and share it online. This is convenient and time saving.