Question: What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Tulum?

What are the best months to visit Tulum?

Tulum’s rainiest months are June, September, and October.

The three-month stretch from October to December is the best time to visit, when hurricane season is over and the weather is warm but not oppressively hot.

January through March see the biggest wave of tourists, so avoid that time if you’re not a fan of crowds..

How many days do you need in Tulum?

5 daysI would recommend at least 5 days in Tulum, and up to a month if you can. Honestly, there is so much to do and see here that you’re never going to want to leave anyway. Safety – A lot of you asked me about this. Tulum is a very safe place for tourists, speaking from personal experience.

How much money do you need in Tulum?

You should plan to spend around M$560 ($28) per day on your vacation in Tulum, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, M$197 ($9.78) on meals for one day and M$81 ($4.03) on local transportation.

Is Tulum Mexico expensive?

Tulum Is Incredibly Expensive And many of those hotels are packed with incredibly cute boutique style. … You’ll also need to contend with the long and expensive drive to get here — even a rental car in the Riviera Maya isn’t a bargain, and on the ground you’ll find scant and expensive parking in Tulum’s Hotel Zone.

Why is Tulum dead?

The beach has no adequate sewer system, and waste has been leaching into the water supply beneath Tulum and out to the ocean, killing the coral reef. Tulum’s old landfill, a few miles outside of town, is full, and last summer it burned in the heat for three months straight.

Is it better to stay in Tulum town or beach?

I’d recommend Tulum Beach if it’s your first time visiting Tulum and you want to lay out on the beach all day, hit a trendy restaurant for dinner, and dance the night away. I’d recommend Tulum Town if you’re on a budget and want to explore cenotes, ruins and have a more active vacation!

Can you swim in the ocean in Tulum?

Tulum is an absolute gem; a bohemian beach town full of ancient ruins, sea turtles you can snorkel with, and giant underwater caves you can swim in, and one of the top beaches in Mexico calls Tulum home.

Is it safe to travel to Tulum 2020?

While Mexico has experienced a surge in drug-related violence, Tulum has remained a relatively safe travel destination. Travelers should exercise common sense when traveling in the downtown area: for example, don’t walk around alone at night.

Is it worth going to Tulum?

If you have the time to stay in Tulum rather than visiting on a day trip, then it’s worth going. The ecological practices of Tulum’s hotels are worth supporting, and staying on-site will allow visitors to beat the overwhelming crowds at the Mayan ruins.

Is Tulum better than Cancun?

At the end of the day, the choice boils down to what you really want to get out of your Mexican experience. For those looking for more of a tranquil and relaxing getaway, Tulum is lovely. While larger travel groups, families and those itching to let loose would probably find Cancun to be more to their liking.

Is Tulum too touristy?

Tulum is definitely touristy, make nony mistake, but it still maintains more of a small town feel than neighboring tourist resorts like Playa del Carmen and Cancún.

Is it safe to walk around Tulum at night?

Yes, Tulum is great for solo travellers. You can feel safe here both day and night. As long as you stick to rules you would follow in any town or city.