Question: What Is Another Word For Goal Oriented?

What is goal oriented thinking?

Goal orientation is the degree to which a person or organization focuses on tasks and the end results of those tasks.

Strong goal orientation advocates a focus on the ends that the tasks are made for instead of the tasks themselves and how those ends will affect either the person or the entire company..

What is a results oriented person?

‘Results orientation’ is a term used to describe a person’s ability to recognise what results are important – and what steps need to be taken to achieve them. … An ideal employee will be proactive and results-driven, and will always take the necessary steps to achieve set goals or targets.

What does it mean to be result oriented?

Driven and full of purpose, determined to achieve and succeed. We will share a brilliant analysis that pushes results. Results-oriented people make things happen. … They know which results are important, and focus resources to achieve them.

What adjectives is used to mean goal oriented?


What’s another word for results oriented?

Here are some which might be useful, depending on context of course. Practical, realistic, pragmatic, utilitarian, useful, applied, real-world, matter-of-fact, productive, constructive.

What is another word for achieving a goal?

How does the verb achieve contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of achieve are accomplish, discharge, effect, execute, fulfill, and perform.

Is goal oriented a skill?

Setting a specific goal, taking action, and tracking your results dramatically increases your chances of success. Most businesses seek goal-oriented employees. Goal-orientation is a great skill in a teammate. Our society lifts up those who pursue and achieve audacious goals.

How do you become results oriented?

4 Ways to Become a Results Driven WorkerWork on projects where you can measure the results. You don’t always get to choose your projects, especially when you’re first starting out in corporate America, but if you see the right opportunity you should jump on it. … Turn everything you do into a case study. … Find ways to measure outcomes. … Improve your work style.

Is goal oriented a strength?

Being goal-oriented means you are focused on completing relevant tasks to achieve planned objectives. … Self-awareness: Some goal-setting strategies require you to understand your strengths and identify areas of improvement. This awareness can assist you in seeking results that impact your success.

What is the importance of having a goal oriented manager?

Greater employee engagement and retention One of the key benefits of a goal-oriented approach to business management is that it improves employee engagement, which subsequently strengthens your retention rate. This has a positive effect on your morale, but also your bottom line.

Is it good to be results oriented?

Having a result oriented mindset will help you see the clearest, fastest path to reach the goal than getting overly focused and lost among the process drawn out to get there. Hiring and promoting employees to be result-oriented also boosts morale.

What do you call someone who is goal oriented?

energetic, enthusiastic, earnest, determined, aggressive, resourceful, anxious, ardent, aspiring, avid, come on, designing, desirous, driving, eager, eager beaver, enterprising, hopeful, hungry, industrious.