Question: Does Florida Have A Temporary Nursing License?

How much is a Florida nursing license?

FeesActive to Active$130.00Active to Inactive$175.00Inactive to Active$240.00Active to Retired$165.00Inactive to Retired$165.001 more row.

How do I transfer my nursing license to Florida?

To get your license transfer to Florida, you must follow a procedure which is named as an endorsement. Every board has its own private rules regarding the endorsement. This would mean bigger pay scale and more working experiences. This transferring is allowed through the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact).

What states accept Florida RN license?

Licensed Florida nurses may soon be eligible to practice in 27 other states without the red tape of getting additional licenses….The Compact states, according to National Council of State Boards of Nursing, are:Arizona.Arkansas.Colorado.Delaware.Florida.Georgia.Idaho.Iowa.More items…•

How long does it take to get a Florida RN license?

within 4-5 weeksHow Long Does It Take to Get a Nursing License by Endorsement in Florida? After the state board has received all required documentation and fees, most nurses receive their Florida RN or LPN license within 4-5 weeks. Timing varies by seasonal demand. The state does not issue temporary licenses.

How do I get a Florida RN license?

The NCLEX-RN and Application Process Applications can be found on the “resources” section of the Board site ( Click Here for the Online RN Application Form. Fingerprinting is a required step in the licensure process.

Can I have an RN license in two states?

The Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nurses to have one license to practice in multiple states. There are currently 34 states which have enacted NLC legislation, meaning they recognize the multi-state license or have such legislation pending.

Can you work in Florida with an out of state nursing license?

Can I endorse into Florida if I have an active license in another state but have never taken the NCLEX or State Board Test Pool exam? If you can obtain verification you have been working in another state, jurisdiction or U.S. territory for two of the last three years you may apply by endorsement.

Does a Florida RN license transfer to other states?

If you live in a state that wasn’t part of the NLC before 2018, and you got your LPN or RN license before January 19, 2018, you’ll need to look up your original board of nursing and apply through them for a multistate license. The states that this applies to are Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Which states are walk through states for nursing license?

Compact & Walk Through StatesArizona.Arkansas.Colorado.Delaware.Florida (new)Georgia (new)Idaho.Iowa.More items…

Is Florida a compact state for RN license?

Florida is a member of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). The eNLC allows a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse licensed in a Compact state to practice across state lines in another Compact state without having to obtain a license in the other state.

Can I transfer my RN license to California?

To qualify for endorsement (reciprocity) into California as an RN, you must hold a current and active RN license in another state, U.S. territory, or Canada, have completed an educational program meeting all California requirements, and have passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN®) or the State …

What states do not require background checks for nurses?

Six States Don’t Require Background Checks for Nurses The states of Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Wisconsin do not require any type of criminal record checks for nurses to be licensed.