Question: Can You Use A Space Saver Wheel On The Front?

Can you reuse a space saver TYRE?

Can space saver wheels be used front and back: Check your handbook, because some vehicles have restrictions on where they can be used for safety reasons.

Never use more than one space saver wheel on a vehicle at any one time.

Will there be any difference in how the car drives: Yes..

How much is a space saver TYRE?

Apart from the potential reductions in braking and handling performance, Case says the other issue for consumers is the fact that space-saver tyres do not last as long as full-size spares and can be difficult and expensive to find, with prices ranging between $135 and $260.

What size is a space saver wheel?

Understanding the size difference between space saver tyres and OEM tyres.OEM Tyre SizeSpace saver Tyre size 125/70R18205/45R17K.O. M Space saver option125/70R18205/50R17K.O. M Space saver option125/70R18215/50R17K.O. M Space saver option125/70R18215/45R17K.O. M Space saver option125/70R1815 more rows

Can I use a different size spare wheel?

Can I use a donut from a different car? The compact temporary spare tire and wheel that comes with a vehicle is designed to fit that vehicle only. Never attempt to use a Temporary/Compact Spare Tire and wheel on another vehicle unless it is the exact same make and model.

Why is my spare wheel smaller?

The main reason your spare tire is smaller is because they are meant to take up less space in your vehicle. Donut spares usually have a smaller diameter, narrower width and shallower tread, which means they make great space-savers.

What’s a spare TYRE called?

However, the name lived on, long after the last spare wheel was made. A “stepney” is still today the everyday name for a spare wheel in India, Bangladesh, Malta and Brazil, where it is called an “estepe”.

Can you put a space saver TYRE on the front?

Put it on the front and drive more slowly than the 80kph limit, especially in the rain. … If your car is a standard rear-wheel drive car, the space saver should still go on the rear but be aware that you will wheelspin much more easily. Never fit more than one space saver to a vehicle.

Can you drive on a space saver wheel?

Space-saver wheels are designed for temporary use, to get you to a place of repair. There’s no maximum distance but the speed restriction, limited tread (only 3mm from new) and softer rubber compound mean that the distance covered before repair shouldn’t be excessive.

How far can you go on a space saver TYRE?

70 milesA general rule of thumb is to drive no more than 70 miles and no faster than 50 miles per hour before replacing your donut with a new tire. The biggest reason to use these space savers for a short period of time is because they have little to no tread. This makes the spare vulnerable to road hazards and projectiles.

How do space saver spare wheels work?

Many car manufacturers provide a skinny space saver wheel (a temporary spare tyre) for use if you get a puncture. They save room in the boot which gives you more cargo space, and they weigh less than providing a full-sized spare wheel which gives you better fuel economy.

How fast can you drive on a space saver?

80kphThe maximum speed you are allowed to drive with a space saver wheel is 80kph. Some space saver wheels may show a sticker with a lesser speed, in which case you should stick to that speed.

Can you use a 17 inch space saver on car with 18 inch wheels?

Can you use a 17 inch space saver on car with 18 inch wheels? The rolling circumference of the 18-inch wheels and tyres will probably be the same as the 17inch wheels and tyres. As wheels get bigger, profiles get lower. So the emergency spare for the 17s should be okay for the 18s.

What PSI should a space saver TYRE be?

60 psiBut the high-pressure space-saver, which usually needs to run at 414k Pa (60 psi), typically has a maximum speed rating of 80 km/h. Manufacturers warn that it should be replaced with a normal wheel and tyre as quickly as possible.

Does space saver wheel have to be same size?

Space saver tyres can either be full-size or smaller than the regular tyres fitted to your car. … In an MOT test which assesses a car’s suitability for the road, a car will always fail if not all the wheels are the same size, unless a spare wheel has been fitted temporarily purely in an emergency.

What is a space saver spare?

A space-saver tyre is a smaller-than-average spare wheel to get the vehicle to a garage in the event of a puncture. Space saver type tyres are strictly for emergency use only, and should not be used as a standard road tyre. … Some space-saver tyres are so skinny and provide much less grip than normal road going tyres.