How Much Is Dan Short From FantomWorks Worth?

How much does FantomWorks make per episode?

Typically, a reality show like FantomWorks earns its cast members anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 per episode, depending upon the popularity of the show.

Which means through the eight seasons on Velocity, Dan Short could have probably earned a cool $2.0 million..

How much is Mark Worman worth?

Mark Worman net worth: Mark Worman is an American auto-body shop owner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Mark Worman was born in Springfield, Oregon, and dropped out of school during high school.

Is Fantom works still in business?

The show just ended its historic run, but the show will live on in reruns. The shop isn’t going anywhere either. Fans of the show can still tour the shop and bring in their classic cars for restoration. … FantomWorks is almost like a classic car museum thanks to all the muscle cars in the shop.

Why did Drs quit FantomWorks?

The film schedule was so demanding that during the final weeks of my father’s life, I was not able to attend to him. The show took over my life and to make matters worse, my wife and I now face almost a million dollars of debt we incurred keeping the production going. I have only one regret related to leaving the show.

Where is FantomWorks filmed at?

FantomWorks is filmed on location at DRS Automotive FantomWorks. It is a full restoration garage for classic automobiles, americana, aircraft, and boats. Then, where is FantomWorks TV show located? Our facility is located on Hampton Blvd near Old Dominion University.

Is it worth it to restore a classic car?

Restoration costs do not rise and fall according to a car’s value. Try to buy as close to an original model as you can. It will always be worth more in the long run, and the less running repairs it has had, the less money you have to spend fixing those areas when they fail.

How much does it cost to fully restore a classic car?

An overall restoration done by one shop is going to cost you anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000. Most of this will be billed monthly or with considerations made between you and management for payments.

Is it worth it to rebuild a car?

Originally Answered: Is a car rebuild worth the profit? Most of time no. It’s something you do for fun. There are some notable exceptions (e.g. air cooled Porsche 911s and Ferraris), but most of the time it will end up costing you more than you put in.

Did Graveyard Carz get Cancelled?

Graveyard Carz Season 13 Cancelled or Renewed? Graveyard Carz Season 13 is yet to be renewed by MotorTrend Network: Graveyard Carz S13 Release Date — “It’s Mopar or No Car” for Mark Worman and his Graveyard Carz ghouls.

How many hours does it take to restore a car?

1,000 hoursTime is an important factor in full restoration projects since it can take around 1,000 hours to fully restore a classic car.

How much does FantomWorks charge per hour?

Likewise, how much does FantomWorks charge an hour? The total cost depends on the cost of parts and materials as well as $78.00-$98.00 per hour in labor for the work the customer agrees to have us do.

Does FantomWorks have any cars for sale?

We get a lot of requests to sell cars for others and we usually point them to our classified site. It goes both ways, we don’t just send others there to sell their vehicles, some go to actually buy them too. Feel free to browse on and see what you find. DRS FantomWorks is offering this FREE service.

What city is FantomWorks filmed in?

Norfolk VAFantomWorks | Norfolk VA, 23517.

Where is FantomWorks based?

NorfolkEvery Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the FantomWorks staff host tours at 3 PM at their facility, located at 2400 Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk.

What is the cheapest classic car to restore?

Five Affordable Classic Cars to RestoreAffordable Classic #1: Chevrolet Nova (68-70)Chevrolet Chevelle (70-72)Pontiac Trans Am (75-81)Oldsmobile Cutlass (68-72)Chevrolet Camaro (67-69)Closing.