How Do I Get The Poop Truck In My Summer Car?

How do I get Ruscko?

The keys for it must be won by playing ventti after the player exceeds the 4,050 mk bet.

The player has to risk the Satsuma to win this car.

If the player wins, they get to keep the Satsuma and win the keys and ownership of the Ruscko..

How do you tell time in a summer car?

The game has some clocks that the player can use to check the time:Inside your home in the kitchen, there’s a clock with the shape of the area of Finland mounted on the wall.In the cottage, there is a spruce-shaped clock on the wall.More items…

Where can I get spark plugs for my summer car?

The spark plugs are car parts which can be bought from Teimo’s Shop for 99 mk per spark plug box, each box contains four spark plugs. They are attached to the cylinder head with the spark plug wrench/socket.

Can you die from dirtiness in my summer car?

The player character cannot die from dirtiness. Pressing P will slightly increase the dirtiness level.

How do you shower in a summer car?

The shower can be turned on by first opening the water valve on the left-hand side of the faucet, then pulling up the knob in the centre. The shower faucet can also be used to fill the water/brewing bucket, and to drink water.

How do I deliver my fish to my grandma my summer car?

Grandma will either ask for groceries (sausages, sugar, and milk) or fish (raw or grilled pike). Whatever she asks the player to bring to her must be placed on the blue plastic holder on her table; afterward, sit down on the chair and listen to grandma blabber for 4-12 minutes, then pick up the money she hands out.

What is the latest version of my summer car?

It means better memory usage and possibly increases performance on some systems. UPDATE 30.04. 2018 (Now 64bit!) 23.02.

How do you get the van in my summer car 2020?

To get access to the van, make sure you read the postcard on the fridge and had visited grandma and had fulfilled her requests to bring groceries (for a guide to visiting grandma, see The Grandmother). It is necessary to be patient – it may take several in-game weeks before you will see the blue van parked on the yard.

How can I make money in a summer car?

To earn money for parts, the player can perform various countryside chores for neighbours such as delivering firewood on a tractor-pulled trailer, using a vacuum truck to empty their septic tanks, making kilju (Finnish homebrew sugar wine) and selling it to an alcoholic neighbor, and picking up the aforementioned …

How much money is my summer car?

Store PricesCurrencyCurrent PriceConverted PriceU.S. Dollar$14.99$14.99South Asia – USD$14.99$14.99British Pound£10.99+0.31%Australian DollarA$ 21.50+10.60%37 more rows

What time does the store open in my summer car?

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 20. You can’t buy anything on Sundays. If you come on a normal day a little early, go behind the shop to find a toilet where you can save the game and speed up the time by 2 hours. The door has a mailbox through which you can order parts for the car by mail.

How do I borrow uncles van my summer car?

Borrowing vehicles In the beginning, the player is told via his parents’ note that Uncle Kesseli’s “blue van” can be loaned to the player to run errands. To trigger the van’s appearance, the player must first install at least one of three parts on the Satsuma: the driver seat, the engine block or left trail arm.

Where are the wheels in my summer car?

are car parts that can initially be found in the attic of the mansion near Loppe. They are attached to the car with 4x13mm bolts each. Different kinds of tires and rims can be bought from Fleetari Repair Shop and the parts catalog respectively.

How do you make alcohol in a summer car?

Kilju recipe: 5 parts water, 1 part sugar, 1 packet yeast. Pour the sugar in the brewing bucket, add water and yeast. Close the lid. Kilju is ready one day after the bubbling ends.

How should you sleep in a summer car?

To use a bed, press F while looking at one when standing next to it; this requires the fatigue bar to be filled up slightly.

How do I stop my summer car from exhausting?

Lowering the fatigue bar is quite simple, you just need to sleep somewhere. Currently you can sleep in the bed in the player’s house, on the couch in the cottage (and the one in the landfill), and on the bed in the rear of the cabin of the Gifu. Fatigue can also be lowered slightly by purchasing coffee from Pub Nappo.

How can I cheat my summer car?

My Summer Car Cheat Codes (Console Commands)Invincibility – keke.Add money – poor[number]Rewind time – time[number]Change day of week – date[1-7]Teleport to Home – hemo.Teleport to Car Repair Shop – lefa.Teleport to Airstrip for drag races – drag.Teleport to Shop – sale.More items…•

Where is Grandma’s house in my summer car?

Where does grandma live and when can you find her? Grandma sits in front of her house every day from 8 am to 4 pm, but only when the weather is good. She lives past the railway; take the right turn at the intersection.

Where can I deliver firewood my summer car?

Delivering firewood Drive to firewood guy’s house (marked on the map with a dart) with the trailer of firewood. Back the trailer onto the gravel area in front of his house and open the rear hatch.