Do Kicks Have To Be In Key?

Do drums have to be in Key?

Drums (as in a drum set) are classified as an un-pitched instrument.

This simply means they do not need to be tuned to any pitch to fit in with pitched instruments like guitar.

Because drums don’t have pitches: only different percussion sounds.

Percussion instruments don’t have keys..

How do you find the key of a kick?

The tune/key is the note which is being displayed at the end of the kick drum sound.

Where is the key for the kick drum in Ableton?

Drum samples are sometimes tagged by what key they are in, so look at the file names of the samples and see if it gives you any indication. If you’re still unsure, just listen. Sometimes just tuning your drums a couple pitches up or down will help them fall into key, whether it be the root note or not.

What frequency should a kick drum be?

To get the feeling that the kick drum is thumping in your chest and packing in serious punch, you will need to accentuate its fundamental frequency which usually lies between 40hz and 100hz. Using Waves Q10 EQ, scan this range with a bell curve filter to find the sweet spot, then boost with a focused Q.

Do kicks need to be in Key?

Given snares and kicks are often very short transients in electronic music, the key of such hit’s is rarely really something musical. Simply adjust by ear. If the note go up, pitch your snare or kick up too. Don’t even bother tuning it to a key.