Can You Live In China Without Knowing Chinese?

How dangerous is Beijing?

In terms of crime, Beijing is probably one of the safest cities of comparable size anywhere in the world.

In fact, it is so safe that people may let their guard down and expose themselves to being robbed or worse.

Pickpocketing occurs in Beijing, though foreigners do not seem to be targeted in particular..

What should I avoid in China?

10 Things Not to Do in ChinaDon’t Talk about Uncomfortable or Politically Sensitive Topics. … Don’t Disrespect the Customs of Minority Groups and Temples. … Don’t Make Close Personal Contact, Such as a Hug or Kiss. … Don’t Expect Interpersonal Communications to Be the Same. … Don’t Forget Your Manners When Using Chopsticks.More items…

What can you not eat in China?

On the Radar: 10 Dangerous Foods from ChinaPlastic Rice. Plastic Rice. … Garlic. In 2015 we imported 138 million pounds of garlic- a fair chunk of it labeled as “organic”. … Salt. Imported Chinese salt may contain industrial salt. … Tilapia. Tilapia has been a highly marketed fish over the last decade. … Apple Juice. … Chicken. … Cod. … Green Peas/Soybeans.More items…

Do Chinese universities teach in English?

English Taught Program with Local Student Second, English taught universities provided by foreign universities in China. … You will take all classes with local students and all courses are taught in English. The quality of education is much better than international student admission only program.

Is University in China free?

The average tuition fees in Chinese public universities range between 2,500 and 10,000 USD/academic year. You can also find several programmes with no tuition fees. These are usually offered by universities from other countries (e.g. the UK, Germany, Denmark), which have campuses in China.

Can you work in China without knowing Chinese?

So yes, it is very possible to enjoy your working experience in China without speaking Mandarin. It would be actually harder for a foreigner with perfect Chinese but poor English to find a job. However, expats who are able to speak Chinese are living a totally different experience.

Can a foreigner live in China?

For example, the term “foreigner” is still widely used in China, which some expats find alienating. … Many expats work in China without learning Mandarin. This is more feasible in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but even in those places you’re likely to run into difficulty if you only speak English.

Do I need to know Chinese to study in China?

You will be required to study Chinese if you receive a Chinese Government Scholarship, aka CSC scholarship (a special scholarship program from China Scholarship Council for foreign students), no matter what language your program is in, i.e. students can choose to study in English or in Chinese.

Is Beijing safe at night?

Although Beijing is generally safe, it’s always a good idea to avoid walking in the dark at night. Beijing, especially inside the 5th Ring Road, is generally safe for solo female travelers, even at night.

What do you need to enter China?

Entry, Exit and Visa RequirementsObtain a visa prior to arrival and have a passport with at least six months’ validity remaining. … Apply for a ten-year multiple entry visa, useful for repeated travel, or trips to Hong Kong or Macau with returns to China.If you plan to work in China, be sure to obtain the correct visa.More items…

How can I travel to China without speaking Chinese?

Here’s how.Book an International Hotel/Hostelling International. … Make sure you know the Chinese name of your hotel. … Study a little bit of Chinese culture. … Research your destinations ahead of time. … Ask your hotel for a business card. … Download an offline translator app. … Eat at restaurants with a picture menu.More items…•

Is it hard to travel to China?

Many people believe it’s impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, to travel in China independently. However, while there are certainly some challenges for independent travellers, these can be overcome. It just takes a bit of planning, flexibility, and patience.

How many hours do Chinese students study?

Second, Chinese students, on average, study 55 hours a week — also No. 1 among PISA-participating countries. This was about 20 hours more than students in Finland, the country that PISA declared to have the highest learning efficiency, or reading-test-score points per hour spent studying.

Do Chinese know English?

Many people in China, especially young adults and a growing number of children, can speak basic English words and phrases like “hello”, “OK”, “thank you”, and “how are you?” But by no means are most Chinese conversational in English. The language can be incredibly difficult for Chinese people to learn.