Poker Intellectual Game or Gambling

Experts noted that gambling addiction is observed in those people who spend more than 10% of their income per month on the game. And if you take a smaller amount of money and manage it wisely, then no excitement and gambling addiction will be scary.

Many beginners, seeing the stories of professional players, want to earn the same huge amounts. Because of this, they immediately go to large bets or tournaments and lose Agen Judi Bola Online. After that, poker is mistakenly considered a gamble. You need to understand that all professionals started with minimal bets.

They made mistakes, but with less loss. Gradually improving their level, players move to higher bets and thereby increase their profits. Only with this approach, you can make money on poker and not be afraid of monetary losses.

Sometimes players have an irresistible desire to recoup. Because of this, they cannot leave the party and lose a lot of money. Professionals have learned to restrain their emotions and, when defeated, calmly, leave the game and conduct a careful analysis of their strategy.

There are many books in poker that describe how to manage your bankroll for the game and what rates to play. Adhering to simple rules, you can consistently earn money and not risk it.


We hope you have no doubt about whether poker is a gamble or not. Poker is an intellectual type of game that, in many countries, equates to sports. To understand the essence of poker and get a stable income, you need to learn and improve your skills constantly. Beginners can learn the basics of poker by taking an AWS course. After this knowledge, you will no longer regard poker as a game of chance. You will understand that this is a very interesting activity where you can constantly improve your level and improve your skills.

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